35 Best Free Online Website Builders


35 Best Free Online Website Builders

Do you want to create a website but do not want to code or do not know anything about coding? No problem, internet is full of alternatives to solve your problem. And this is where free online website builders come to help you build a website with no technical skills required. Free online website builders can save you time a lot and you can just concentrate on your businesses without worrying about fixing bugs on your websites, updating files, securing your websites and etc. And in this post, I would like to share about 35 best free online website builders available in the internet. The list is in an alphabetical order.

allyou.net free online website builders
Allyou.net is a free online portfolio website builder where people can create their portfolio website in just a few steps. Allyou has various pre-made templates you can choose from. Allyou has three options in their pricing plans. There are aluminium for free plan, carbon and titanium for paid plans.

beep.com free online website builders
Beep.com is another free online website builder with its nice features. It includes photo albums and slideshow, blog, templates, guestbook, contact form, visitor counter, mobile and smartphone friendly. Beep has four pricing plans. There are basic package which is free, starter package, no-worries package and no-worries pro package.

cabanova.com free online website builders
Cabanova is a free online website builder using drag and drop interface that makes you easy to create a website.

carboncookie.com free online website builders
Now you can create a professional website or an online store easily with carboncookie. Carboncookie has many great features you can use such as shopping cart website builder, facebook shop that lets you integrate with facebook to create a custom facebook shop, seo and analytics, mobile checkout and editor and etc.

devhub.com free online website builders
By using devhub you will be able to create your business website with nice drag and drop interface plus you can also create unlimited pages and import your blog from blogger, posterous, typePad, tumblr, and wordpress to devhub.

doodlekit.com free online website builders
Doodlekit comes with many features you will need such as built-in SEO, template builder, template sharing, blogging tools, form, email, album, shopping tools, fonts and icons library, template library, border design tools, background design tools, stats and analysis, social media, web security, spam protection, ads placement, custom css, and multiple languages.

Doomby.com free online website builders
Doomby is a great free online website builder to quickly create a website that looks professional. Doomby includes site statistics, online shop, multi-user management and much more.

Ezweb123.com free online website builders
A free online website builder that enables you to create your business website with no technical skills required. A free package includes 20MB of storage space, one website allowed, 1GB of bandwith per month, up to 15 pages, and 10 products.

foliodrop.com free online website builders
Foliodrop is a free online portfolio website builder that lets you build amazing portfolio websites. There are three pricing plans you can choose from. Free plans, foliodrop pro and Agency pro. With free plans you can upload up to 150 images, unlimited albums, 3 categories, unlimited pages, and can only use classic template. With foliodrop pro you can upload up to 2000 images, unlimited categories, pages, and albums, can use classic, modern, fullsite template, password protection, and site statistics. Agency pro is available soon.

freesites.com.au free online website builders
Freesites has nice features like free CMS, professional templates, no-ads on your website, SEO optimized, image galleries, and etc.

imcreator.com free online website builders
Imcreator is a simple and powerful free online website builder to create a good looking website in just a few minutes. Imcreator includes many professional templates, 50MB of hosting, SEO friendly, drag and drop interface, and web-standards. There are three pricing plans available from free, premium and pro.

Jigsy.com free online website builders
Free website builder which is easy to use. Jigsy uses drag and drop website editor that no html skills required to use jigsy. Everyone can use jigsy without problems. Jigsy comes with free stock photos and fonts, responsive templates, e-commerce tool, Dynamic eBay product listings, SEO, real time statistics, galleries and slideshows, multimedia, and etc. Jigsy has two pricing plans. They are free and pro. With free plans you are only allowed to build one website while with pro you can build unlimited websites.

Jimdo.com free online website builders
Want to edit your site anywhere? Yes, you can now with jimdo. Jimdo provides free app for iphone or ipad in which you can edit your site anywhere. With jimdo you can also create an online store in minutes. Jimdo has three pricing plans, free, jimdoBusiness and jimdoPro.

Letseat.at free online website builders
With letseat you can create free restaurant website fast and easy. Letseat has many features such as free specific restaurant website designs, google maps and analytics integration, iPhone and android optimized mobile website and etc.

Moonfruit.com free online website builders
Moonfruit allows you to build websites quickly and easily. With free plans you only are allowed to build one website with 15 pages and 20MB storage.

Myfirstworld.com free online website builders
Create your own website with myfirstworld for free. Myfirstworld is a solution for kids and teenagers to build their own websites.

Plisweb.com free online website builders
Another free online site builder to help you build your website that looks great. Choose one of three pricing plans available in plisweb.com that suits your needs. Some features in free plans are ad-free, unlimited websites, SEO optimized, statistics, multiple design templates and many more.

Puzl.com free online website builders
Puzl is free online website builder that offers many great features such as drag and drop interface, strong online visibility, ads-free, social network integration, unlimited storage and pages, optimized for mobile, and dozens of widgets available.

Sitezulu.com free online website builders
Sitezulu is a perfect solution to create your website with no programming skills required. It features powerfull apps, SEO friendly, social built in, and etc.

Snackwebsites.com free online website builders
Quick and easy free online website builder to help you build your website with no technical skills required. You can create portfolio websites, music websites, photography websites, personal websites or even blogs.

Snappages.com free online website builders
Now you can create a professional website with snappages.com. With drag and drop interface you can easily build a great website in minutes.

Trypod.lycos.com free online website builders
Tripod features 20MB+ of storage, drag and drop site builder, SEO tools, professional templates, photo albums, and etc.

Ucoz.com free online website builders
Build your website for free with ucoz. It has excellent features such as 250 default templates, thousands of widgets and gadgets, data backup and etc.

Webeden.co.uk free online website builders
Make your own website with webeden.co.uk at affordable prices. With free plans you will get 20MB of storage, one website, 1GB of bandwith, up to 15 pages, facebook shop, and etc.

Webnode.com free online website builders
A simple free website builder that lets you easily create personal, business or e-commerce website in minutes.

Webs.com free online website builders
Free online website builder that offers excellent features such as drag and drop web builder, professional themes, e-commerce support, SEO marketing, photos and videos, blogs and forums, mobile website, site analytics and much more.

Website-builder.com free online website builders
Create a beautiful website for free with website-builder.com. You can create personal, portfolio, photography or wedding website in minutes.

Webstarts.com free online website builders
Webstarts.com has many features and with reasonable prices. Some of the features are custom domain name, custom email addresses, 100+ templates, credit card payment for your shop, mobile friendly, slideshows, photo galleries, members only pages and much more.

Webstarttoday.com free online website builders
Webstarttoday.com is a free online website builder that has many features including 1000s stunning designs, SEO, audio, video, maps, 24/7 monitoring and etc.

Webydo.com free online website builders
Webydo.com is a professional website builder that has some nice features including drag and drop, open-source fonts, cross platform, grid generator, smart guides and snapping, text caption for images and etc. Webydo is suitable for designers who want to create website online with ease of use.

Weebly.com free online website builders
Weebly is a popular website builder that offers awesome features such as nice web editor, mobile friendly, e-commerce support, great themes available, blogging tools, photos, forms, ads-free, web stats and more.

Wix.com free online website builders
Free flash website builder that enables users to easily create flash website in minutes.

Wopop.com free online website builders
Wopop.com provides powerful features such as beautiful templates, SEO, e-commerce support, and etc.

Yola.com free online website builders
Make website in minutes with yola. Yola has excellent features for free plan like beautiful templates, SEO friendly, 1GB of bandwith, 1GB of storage, 2 websites, 3 webpages, password protection, drag and drop, site statistics and much more.

Zyro.com free online website builders
Zyro.com can help you build a website in a few minutes with no coding required. It features 100+ templates, drag and drop, SEO friendly, custom domain, unlimited storage, ads-free and etc.


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  1. Really helpful list!
    From the mentioned builders I have tried Puzl.com and I would say the platform is really user friendly and easy to administer. SEO effect is so helpful for the online exposure and the no ads part is really professional!

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